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Nova Diagnostics Labs

By Genentox Laboratories, LLC

CLIA #: 05D0871568

Nova Diagnostics Labs

Is a recent startup with great ambitions.
With over 50 years of in-house healthcare and technology expertise,
we intend to provide a balanced approach to leveraging technology and science for a better tomorrow for all of us.

We aim to not only perform high complexity diagnostic testing, but go beyond the testing and into preventative healthcare.

Our goal is to improve lives by focusing on identifying diseases and conditions
and then educating patients with information on how to manage and prevent such conditions

Our vision is to enable every person to take charge of their own healthcare and healthy lifestyles.

We are in pursuit of converging healthcare and digital age technology for one common cause…
Improving and promoting healthy lifestyles, one test result at a time.

With the latest technologies at our disposal, we plan to revolutionize the way patient care is managed and perceived.
By implementing cutting edge systems, we are providing time sensitive information in a highly secure way to our patients. We are employing technologies that allow us to adopt rules based distributed architecture, where information is entered once and the same data flows through all layers to dramatically increase the efficiency, security and reliability of information.

We are bringing meaningful healthcare to citizens, instead of them looking for ways to navigate through a complicated maze of
mostly incomprehensible medical data.

These are humble beginnings of a service provider which is starting on a journey to
provide fast, reliable and secure healthcare to everyone.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity and we look forward to serving you.